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We invite you to discover the extraordinary heritage of this beautiful city, which goes back to the 19th century and its evolution until the present day.

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See how Gdańsk has changed

XIX mapy

19th Century Gdańsk Alleys

We invite you to explore the charming alleys and streets of Gdańsk on maps from over a hundred years ago.


Interwar years

See what changes took place in the architecture and structure of the city during turbulent historical events.

Po II Wojnie

Gdańsk After World War II

Take a look at the maps that document the process of reconstruction, regaining the city's identity and its return to its glory.

Gdansk Dluga
Treasury of Knowledge and Passion

Plans of Gdańsk are not just a collection of scans. This is a place where history meets passion and knowledge permeates the pages of old maps. Discover with us the fascinating details, street secrets and extraordinary stories hidden behind each of these unique documents.


Join our journey through the time and space of Gdańsk, where each map is a piece of this extraordinary history of which we are the guardians.


We invite you to browse our collection and discover the charms of old maps of Gdańsk!

plany gdanska

See how Gdańsk has changed!

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